Flip Flop Winch

Mors Kochanski taught me this one and gave his blessing to put it on the web. It is his modification of a Finnish windless

In these pictures the logs have been shortened. In real life they should be as big as you can work with. The lever is practical up to about 8 ft. or 2.5m long. The longer the winch log the more stable this device is but too long makes it so stable you can not turn or flip it

Place the rope over the winch log and under the lever log.  The lever is under the winch.  Start tightening the rope by moving the lever pole like it is in the next frame.
Move the rope so that the winding is done on one side of the lever.
Continue flipping the winch pole and winding with the lever pole until you have winched your load to where you want it.

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